NEWS at the DMSC

November 5th 2021: 

On November the 5th, Stefan Gustavson defended his ph.d. thesis “The Effects of Exo- and Endocannabinoids in Multiple Sclerosis” with excellence.

June 29th 2021: 

On June the 29th, Anna Olsson successfully defended her ph.d. thesis “The Gut-Brain Axis in Multiple Sclerosis: microbial metabolites and physical barrier in relation to immune activation and disease activation”.

March 19th 2021: 

On Friday March 19th, Sophie Buhelt successfully defended her ph.d. thesis “The Interleukin-2 Receptor-alfa in Multiple Sclerosis”. The sun was shining brightly outside, and in the lecture room Sophie took up the competition and defended her thesis brilliantly.

January 29th 2021: 

A dark, cold and damp January has come to an end… Fortunately, Mathias Buron brought light when he successfully defended his PhD thesis “Real-world experience with disease-modifying drugs in multiple sclerosis” from the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry on January 29th.

January 5th 2021: 

We start the new year by expanding our equipment range: a new ultrasound device for lumbar puncture procedures in the clinic, and a new cell sorter (FACS Melody) and Fluorospot/ELISpot reader (Mabtech IRIS) for research purposes.

December 11th 2020: 

Helene Højsgaard Chow defended her PhD thesis with the titel "Primary progressive multiple sclerosis: studies of treatment, cognitive function and risk factors".

November 4th 2020: 

Today we received information from the Danish Regions that they will fund the DanNORMS study – a national randomized, controlled noninferiority study comparing the efficacy of rituximab and crelizumab in patients with active MS. The total budget for the study is 39.6 million DKK, and the

regions have now granted 14.4 million DKK. We expect to include the first patient in the DanNORMS study in Q1 2021.

September 11th 2020:

Today is the first day of the MSVirtual 2020 meeting which replaces the international MSWashington meeting that was cancelled due to COVID-19. From a DMSC perspective we look forward to hearing Betül Okutan from the Bramow group present their work on progressive MS pathology and hearing Helene Højsgaard Chow present the results of our randomized, placebo-controlled study of dimethyl fumarate therapy in primary progressive MS.

August 18th 2020:

Today the refurbishing of our new clinical research unit is completed, and everyone will move into place. The new unit will improve our potential and our capacity for clinical research at DMSC. The unit includes rooms specially equipped for neuro-ophthalmology research with multifocal VEP and OCT equipment and a laboratory for cerebrospinal fluid and blood sample preparation.

June 26th 2020:

Today is the big day. The MS Clinic at Rigshospitalet moves from Rigshospitalet Blegdamsvej in Central Copenhagen to Rigshospitalet Glostrup just outside Copenhagen and merges with the existing MS Clinic at Glostrup. The new MS Clinic at Glostrup is thoroughly refurbished, and will provide treatment for approximately 3,500 people with MS, approximately 20% of all people with MS in Denmark. We look forward to begin work in the new clinic Monday morning…