Helle Bach Søndergaard

Helle Bach Søndergaard

Head of the Neuroimmunology Laboratory at DMSC

Senior Scientist

At Neuroimmunology Laboratory we perform clinical analyses of biomarkers on samples from persons with multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases. These analyses are used for guidance in diagnosis of disease or for measuring treatment-specific neutralizing antibodies (link).     

The focus of my research is on biomarkers and epigenetic, genetic and lifestyle/environmental risk factors contributing to the susceptibility for multiple sclerosis and how these factors influence on the immune system and clinical outcomes.


The laboratory uses general molecular biology and cell biology tools, such as qPCR, genotyping, cell isolation and immune assays in our research.

The collaboration within the International MS Genetic Consortium (IMSGC) (link: www.imsgc.net) has led to some of the largest genetic studies so far in MS. Our group is also participating in the EU 2020 Horizon project MultipleMS (link: https://www.multiplems.eu/) that aim to discover biomarkers to aid in the diagnosis and predictions of multiple sclerosis.

Contact: Helle.Bach.Soendergaard@regionh.dk